“Learning the tools and techniques from Win With Hypnosis really helped me stay calm and feel more confident and prepared for wrestling despite being injured. I no longer worried about my injury, I just focused on how I can get better and be relentless on the mat. I also, previously, got frustrated during practices and duals as others were competing – just having to sit and watch them; we worked through those emotions and I was able to think of the down time in a different way. I changed my beliefs knowing I would come back better and stronger than ever.” – J.K.

“Hello Mrs. Bird! I just wanted to say hello and check in with you. I’ve been thinking about you lately, reading some of your tweets, and also thinking about how far you have helped me grow as an individual both in my athletics, school, and my overall life. We started our track season a week or two ago, and we have our first time trial on Monday and I’m getting pretty pumped. I’m excited for year number two and excited to see how far it will take me, especially after having the year that I did last year. It still blows my mind that I achieved a goal I’ve been dreaming about since my freshman year in High School. I never thought I would ever be able to do that! But I absolutely proved myself wrong! It’s crazy how a positive mindset can totally change your daily life around! I’m so thankful for everything you have done for me, and helped me get back on the right positive mindset path! I wear my “I’ve got this” bracelet every day, and it’s almost like my best friend! :) Have a great one! Thanks! M.W. – Collegiate Runner

“My daughter is one of the swimmers on the Waukesha Express swim team and you saw her in late February. I just wanted to say thank you. Her test-taking anxiety has really improved and she dropped time this last weekend at her swim meet. I see that her confidence level has drastically improved and she said she has noticed a difference in school and in the water. A big thank you for helping my daughter!!! It is so good to see her with confidence again. She was getting so down on herself from the endless amounts of practice time in the water and no results – I can’t thank you enough.” −CG RN, BSN, On-Site Nurse Case Manager

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