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Win With Hypnosis | Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoCoach

Winners don’t win by accident

Winners set the scene for winning in everything they do, feel, think and believe. Of course, they’ve put in the hours of training but they have something else. A winner’s attitude! Believing you can win, believing you are the champion and you deserve success will produce the results! Caryn at Win With Hypnosis helps athletes get the confidence of a champion.

Caryn not only works with athletes for peak performance, mental toughness and confidence. She also works to improve focus and pre-competition nervousness, remove mental blocks, regain confidence after an injury, increase motivation, regain the joy of the sport, compete like you practice, and negative thought-stopping.

Many professional athletes use hypnotherapy to improve performance. Visualization is often used to imagine the desired result. For instance, a baseball player will visualize the perfect swing, seeing all of his muscles, each minor movement and adjustment as the bat hits the ball. By visualizing repeatedly these perfect movements, the body will be able to accomplish just that during competition. Self-statements and self-hypnosis cement the goals and desired results in the mind of the athlete and therefore, become unconscious actions during competition or games. Hypnotherapy can also help improve focus and concentration, and relieve the stress of competition and pressure of performance.

Achieving the
Mental Edge

As you know, fractions of a second make the difference in first and second. So much of winning or losing is mental. The mind is what creates this slight edge. The good news is that you can achieve this edge with the use of five simple tools.


Mental Log

Thinking positively about your last event / match / game. Act like a champion in your body language and attitude.

Effective Goal

Short and long term written goals are a must.

Positive Self-Talk or Affirmations

Stop the negative thoughts and replace with “I am powerful!” Do this for the next 4 weeks.


Increases the mind’s acceptance to suggestion.

Visualization or Mental Rehearsal

Visually imagine your perfect performance; this is a blueprint of what you will execute.

Win With Hypnosis | Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoCoach

Your mind controls your body

How successful do you want to be?

Caryn has worked with swimmers, wrestlers, runners, fencers, softball players, golfers, basketball players and others to help them significantly improve their sports performance. Once you master these tools, you must remember that mental training requires you to make a commitment to be as dedicated to training your mind as you are to training your body. Daily mental practice and long-term dedication to keep it up will guarantee great improvement in your performances.

This mental training/sports hypnosis program only takes a small amount of time each day. Mental training may well be the vital piece you need to attain your dreams!


Trying to get your athlete to fix a bad habit through practice is challenging. When we worked with Caryn to help make the changes through mental training it made a world of difference and we saw changes we were looking for. These changes were noticeable in competition.
- Jim

I’ve been associated with wrestling (athlete, parent & coach) for over 35 years and know how tough the mental part of the sport is.  Several times over the years, I’ve heard Dan Gable say that “Wrestling is 90% mental and 10% physical.”  It is for this very reason, that I believe in the power of the mind and its ability to overcome fear and the lack of confidence in an athlete.  When I heard that Caryn Bird was offering Sports Hypnosis for athletes, I immediately signed my son up for a session.  Within a week of his 1st session, I saw my son wrestling with greater confidence and believing in his abilities.  I highly recommend Caryn Bird to any athlete looking to unlock their maximum potential as an athlete.

- Pat
champion - Win With Hypnosis | Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoCoach

Attitude of a

After the first few hypnosis sessions, the athlete will believe in him or herself, have the desire to be #1, learn positive self-statements and visualizations and have the tools and techniques to practice self-hypnosis and be a CHAMPION!

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Win With Hypnosis | Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoCoach

Mindset training for teams and club

Win With Hypnosis offers complimentary presentations to teams and clubs on the POWER OF SELF-TALK, VISUALIZATIONS AND GOAL SETTING as well as HOW TO WORK TOGETHER AND THE IMPORTANCE OR TEAMMANSHIP.

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