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Attitude of
a Champion

Exclusively for qualified hypnotherapists and hypnotists


Friday, May 3rd, 2018
Pre-Conference Workshop at HypnoBizNY ~ Sign-up at

In this one-day, pre-conference workshop, attendees will become Certified Sports Hypnosis Practitioners. Hypnotherapists will learn how to work with any athlete at every level.

The workshop includes practical demonstrations, mental training techniques, scripts, forms and sample emails. And, the exact mental training plan and marketing secrets created exclusively for athletes.

Caryn Bird is author of 2 books

Attitude of a Champion ~ Mindset Training Guide

Hypnos-Niche ~ The Power of Niching for a Profitable and Successful Hypnosis Business

workshop - Win With Hypnosis | Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoCoach

Champions have a certain mindset. This ATTITUDE OF A CHAMPION certification has the key to that mindset.
Whether it’s in training or on game day, this course will prepare Sports Hypnosis Practitioners to guide and coach clients on their way to success

Athletes are always looking for an edge. At elite levels, everyone is fast.
Everyone is strong. Everyone trains hard.

Over the past several years, Caryn has created a system of mindset and mental toughness exercises to instill championship thinking in athletes while helping them reach the next level. In 14 years as a clinical hypnotherapist, she has worked with Olympic trail competitors, Ironman winners, and many other athletes ranging from kids, to college students, to professionals. Caryn helps all athletes develop strategies to reach their goals by taking action and being mentally prepared. This program creates permanent change.

ATHLETES ARE EVERYWHERE.  The best athletes are the most confident.

All athletes want to know the tricks to believing in themselves.

The key is helping them make their belief bigger than their self-doubt.

The workshop will cover strategies to see immediate results including how to:

– Trigger a winning state

– Build mental toughness

– Create in-game thought stopping techniques

– Harness the power of reset/refocus

– Bounce back after injury or failure.

– Overcome performance anxiety and mental performance blocks

– Rocky Mountain Protocol Technique

Free Bonus:
Key Marketing

ATTITUDE OF A CHAMPION workshop also includes the business side of working with athletes. Over the past decades, the world of sports has seen a major shift towards the acceptance and enthusiasm for sports psychology, mental training, and hypnosis. This means there is big potential for increased business in a growing market.

Caryn will share proven, no-cost, strategies for attracting athletes as clients and create a full-time business with this extremely satisfying work!

Win With Hypnosis | Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoCoach

Attitude of a Champion

Proven techniques for success

Using email, marketing, and intake templates, she’ll show fellow hypnotherapists strategies for:

– Marketing to athletes
– Presenting in a team setting
– Talking to coaches
– Interacting with the parents of young athletes

Whether you’re new to clinical hypnotherapy or a seasoned veteran, if you’ve ever been interested in unlocking the full potential of athletes, Caryn’s ATTITUDE OF A CHAMPION will be a valuable experience full of new ideas, actionable takeaways, and proven techniques for success.