The How and Why Hypnosis Works for Sports Performance

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Your mind determines the winner!

Mindset Training helps you acquire all the knowledge and techniques to improve your sports performance and give you that extra boost of power. The most important goal in the ATTITUDE OF A CHAMPION PROGRAM is to develop a Mental Toughness Training Program especially for you and teach you to be your own mentalcoach. This program creates powerful performances when competing and gives you the advantage overopponents that do not have the same mental training edge.

Achieving the Mental Edge

When two athletes of equal, or often unequal ability compete, the athlete with the mental edge becomes thechampion. You will achieve this edge by using these following five simple tools.

  1. Mental Log Keeping
  2. Effective Goal Setting
  3. Positive Self-Talk or Self-Statements
  4. Relaxation Techniques
  5. Guided Imagery or Visualization

Once you master these tools, you must remember that mental training requires a commitment to be as dedicatedto training your mind as you are to training your body.

Daily mental practice prepares you for all possibilitiesand helps in coping positively with the unexpected, rather than becoming “psyched out.” This leads to peakperformance! Be as committed to training your mind as you are to your body. They go hand in hand!

Mental training is like going to an “inner gym” within your mind which builds and strengthens your mentalmuscles. Visualization gets easier (and stronger) with each day, becoming automatic and part of your daily routine.

Hypnosis is not magic, although it appears magical. Your mind is like a muscle. Just like the physical gym, the mental gym in your mind requires daily activity. The more the mind is used successfully, the stronger it becomes.

By the end of the program, you will learn the keys of mental toughness, how to reach your peak performance and get the confidence of a champion!These are the best mindset exercises that have been used with thousands of athletes across the country. There are many books and programs that talk about what confidence is and why it is important. This MENTAL TOUGHNESS TRAINING PROGRAM is guaranteed to make you more confident.

You will also be skilled at going into a hypnotic state as you learn how to practice self-hypnosis.You can use self-hypnosis and the tools and techniques learned in the next few sessions in manyapplications for rest of your life.

Using the techniques and tools in this Mental Toughness Training Program will create permanent change. You will find it’s just as easy to embrace mental training as well as physical training. This is a vital key toattaining your dreams and goals.