How Can You Tell if You are Hypnotized

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Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and body. When in a hypnotic state, a person hears and remembers everything, including the noises around them, but they do not feel like moving. At such a relaxed time, the mind is open to suggestion.

During hypnosis a person has the conscious awareness of being awake, but the physical sensations of being asleep. They are still in control of their body and can open their eyes at any time. Because hypnosis is a natural state, a person may not even realize they are hypnotized. Individuals may even

have different sensations from one session to the next. Each time going into a hypnotic state, a person will be able to reach deeper levels more quickly.

Many people have concerns when beginning hypnosis due to a lack of understanding or not knowing anyone who has used hypnosis to change their life. They wonder what effect it will have on them. The results of hypnosis most likely will happen immediately, but will become stronger and more effective with time. Strengthening the subconscious is a matter of practice like strengthening one’s muscles. Self-hypnosis will be taught in a future session. When practiced, this helps retain the new habits and thoughts—it can be considered a workout for the subconscious mind.

Give hypnosis the time it needs. Beneficial effects may happen immediately or may be slow, but by retraining the subconscious, results will happen. Years of bad habits cannot be broken in one visit. It may take time to achieve goals. If the tools and techniques taught are not used, hypnosis will not be as effective. You are in control of whether hypnosis will work or not. You can succeed if your best effort and time is given for your mind to change. Whatever the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. It is entirely up to you.