Caryn Bird, CHt, speaks to teams about MENTAL TOUGHNESS and CONFIDENCE for FREE

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Attitude of a Champion

Caryn Bird, Sports Hypnotist and HypnoCoach, offers FREE presentations to Sports Teams on “The Power of Mindset for Peak Performance and Confidence”

Imagine a way of helping your athletes get the perfect mindset to achieve maximum performance and the confidence to be champions!

Great coaches know that the journey of an athlete on their way to reaching their full potential (and beyond) is a complex process. It involves consistent practice, competition experience, and dedicated physical training. But how much attention do your athletes give to the mental component of their sport?

Visualizing scenarios of success during competition is a good step towards shaping an athlete’s mental preparation, but taking dedicated time to focus exclusively on mindset, can be that piece of the puzzle that makes the difference between a championship or not.

Caryn Bird, hypnotherapist and author of Attitude of a Champion has created a Mental Toughness Training Program, a system designed and proven to do just that. At any skill level, an athlete can use sports hypnosis to increase focus, trigger a winning state and reach their peak performance.

Over the past several years, sports hypnosis has seen a big increase in popularity due to the proven effectiveness of its techniques. In addition to helping contribute to an athlete’s maximum performance, sports hypnosis can help athletes:
-Build mental toughness and confidence
-Create in-game thought stopping techniques
-Harness the power of reset/refocus
-Bounce back after injury or failure
-Overcome performance anxiety and mental performance blocks

attitude of a champion

In individual sports like swimming and wrestling, where athletes often are faced with immense internal pressures, sports hypnosis has proven over and over to be a key component to success. But it can also create tremendous gains when practiced throughout an entire team.

Every high performing athlete understands how important it is that each member of a team operates on the same page. When everyone on the field/court/ice understands Mental Toughness Training, it means they’re using the same techniques within the competition. When under pressure, they all know how to decrease anxiety and stay focused while bouncing back together. And when the game gets tough, they fight through with the mindset necessary for any champion athlete.

There is no question that the physical practice and preparation of an athlete is essential for success. But dedicated focus on mindset with sports hypnosis can not only increase the effectiveness of physical training sessions, but also prepare athlete for any situation they encounter. Good athletes train their bodies. Great athletes train their minds.

Caryn Bird offers free presentations to sports teams on Mental Toughness Training. Contact her at for more information.